Little Tikes makeover : Fire Truck

      Preston and I found a Little Tikes car on the side of the road 2 years ago that had a "FREE" sign on it. I finally got around to making it in to something fun - just in time for Halloween! This little Paw Patrol Marshall puppy was pretty happy about the whole thing. I went through lots and lots of painters tape to make this ride. There is a red tupperware from the dollar store on the top for the light plus the metallic silver spray paint really made this well-loved and beat up coop shine. 

Fire truck
fire truck little tikes

This truck is sure to get many dings and scrapes but hey, that's a sign of a beloved boy's toy.  

If you liked this post you may want to check out our son's first room - and artwork made by me to go along with it. 

Gabe's Woodland Nursery

Woodland Artwork

Hot Air Balloon Series

Red Deer

    This is the first piece of artwork I've created since I had sweet baby Gabe. Motherhood has changed me and I am excited to see how I grow as an artist through this new journey. This painting is very special to me because I had my sweet little baby in his carrier, snuggled up against me through the whole painting process. It's definitely boy inspired, blues from the baby room, with dark browns and yellows.

    I painted this piece from a photo I took last december of a very old elk or red deer. I've always loved the photo and have wanted to paint him for some time now.  I am excited that this piece will be auctioned off for a good cause in March in Texarkana. I hope someone really enjoys having this piece in their home...I really wanted to keep it! 

old elk artwork

 Red Deer

20 x 24"

Mixed media on canvas


    I kept this painting simple with loose strokes and lines made with color pencils. Mixed media was collaged in the background but painted over. I thought the subject was beautiful and wanted to keep the focus completely on him, I thought he was a very elegant creature. 

the old elk 2


the old elk 3

Peek Children Portrait

Peek Children Portrait

36 x 36"

Acrylic on Canvas


        I loved creating this piece for the Peek family. This painting shows their precious daughter holding a cookie away from the family dogs and her little brother. 

Cowboy Troubadour :: Nursery

     Recently I was contacted by my friend Kim to create a piece of artwork for their baby boy's room. The nursery designed for him is absolutely adorable, all it needed was a portrait of the family dog to display!  I loved creating this piece for such a sweet family, and I know they are going to enjoy that baby boy when he gets here!

Also a BIG thank you goes out to my awesome mother for playing with baby Gabe so I could finish this in a timely manner!!


Here he is, Troubadour in all his glory:


24 x 36

Acrylic on Canvas


Artwork by Lauren Spindle on

Marilyn Pop Art

It has been a long time since I have had the opportunity to paint some pop art pieces! In college I painted pop art to sell at Sweet Eugene's in College Station. When I went to dental school I used to paint pieces like this for Cafe Brazil in Deep Ellum. They were always so much fun to create.

This Marilyn Monroe pop art piece is for sale at Southern Bling Boutique in down town Denison, Texas. Prints will hopefully be available soon!


Ink & acrylic on canvas 20 x 30"

Dining Room Painting

Our dining room was in desperate need of a painting! I had found this interesting frame last year at a thrift store in Houston for $12! Preston and I decided a loosely painted landscape would be a good compliment to a kitchen that can be very busy at times. 

I created this 18 x 24 piece with acrylic paints on watercolor paper. 

Botanical Drawings :: Living Room

Preston and I finally decided on the style of artwork we wanted in our living room! After getting our sofas and coffee table in place, we decided on some simple botanical drawings to hang over the dark leather sofa. Our living room is getting pretty cozy, it will be a perfect place to watch movies and drink hot chocolate when the weather gets cooler! I also found a fiddle leaf ficus on sale at Home Depot that I just could not pass up, so it has joined the family.  

I created the botanical drawings with watercolor pencils and acrylic paint. They are 16 x 20 on watercolor paper.


Let's not forget Preston's awesome Elk Sketch hanging over the fireplace!! 

Poppies for Beth's Kitchen

My sweet mother-in-love needed some artwork for her beautiful kitchen that was remodeled last year! We found a painting in a store we liked so we used the same concept to create this piece to match her kitchen better!  I hope you enjoy your poppy painting Beth!


Below we have Beth with her painting. I also showed some beginning stages of the painting process and Nana Libby modeling with the piece! 

Turtle Sunrise :: Illustration

 I am so thankful for the opportunity presented to me earlier this year by my sweet and talented friend, Ann Higginbottom.  Ann had been dreaming about the creation of this book for years and I was so honored when she asked me illustrate Turtle Sunrise. Illustrating a book has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl! I love how God is constantly placing people like Ann in my life to help me glorify Him and take me on new adventures. I hope you enjoy Ann's story of three turtle brothers and their journey to the sea!

You can purchase Turtle Sunrise here!

Thank you for taking the time to view some of my work :)

North American Wildlife

 I was recently asked to create two paintings for a pediatric dentist's office in Texarkana, Texas. The theme was North American wildlife and I could not have been more excited to begin working on these paintings! When I was a little girl I was constantly drawing wild animals in my sketch books so getting to create them for children on such a large scale was really fun for me. Thank you Preston Spindle for taking these photos of me with my latest paintings and putting up with my big painting messes in our little home!


Acrylic on canvas

48" X 60"


Acrylic on canvas

48" X 60"



It was a little chilly outside during this photo shoot, so thankful to have a husband who entertains my interesting ideas :)

1939 Chevy


Commission painting for little boy's room!

 I felt very honored to be asked to paint this piece, it represents a part of his grandfather's amazing legacy.

In the collection of the King family.

Sketchbook 2

IMG_2898 - Copy (2) - Copy.jpg

Sketchbook number two.

This book was always with me during my first year of college. I had a giant hippie purse that allowed me to carry it everywhere! I took it to "study" with me at Sweet Eugene's and anywhere else you could imagine on the Texas A&M campus. It journeyed with me on a trip to Nashville, Tennessee and several road trips to Oklahoma to see my grandparents. When I look through its pages it reminds me what it was like to be a carefree college freshman!